5 Exercise Tips to Get Your Back Ready for Golf Season

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As the weather gets warmer and golf season nears, it’s time to think about getting your back ready to hit the links. Check out these 5 tips from Golfweek to help you keep your back healthy this spring:

1. Prepare With A Proper Warm Up — Choose exercises that use the same movements of a golf swing. Try doing airplane twists, golf practice swings and arm circles.

2. Include Lower Body Training — Golf isn’t just about upper body strength. Be sure to work the large muscles in your legs. Strong quads and hamstrings can help with correct posture and prevent a muscle imbalance between the upper and lower body.

3. Focus On Upper Body Training — Chest, back and upper arm muscles help create power in your golf swing. Include training exercises that strengthen the latissimus dorsi, rhomboids, pectorals and triceps to help reduce stress placed on your lower back.

4. Train Your Core Training — The muscles in your lower back, abdominals, buttocks and thighs make up your core. Besides keeping the body in alignment, core muscles are the primary muscles used to execute the torque and twist of a golf swing. A strong core strengthening routine can reduce the stress placed on your back during the motion of your swing.

5. Work On Overall Flexibility — Help reduce your risk for injury by working to increase your range of motion. In golf, one side of your body is used over and over during the backswing and the same hip is used during rotation. It is important to incorporate a stretching routine for your whole body to help balance out overuse due to repetitive motion on one side.

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