New Study Says Gender & Posture Are The Biggest Risk Factors For “iPad Neck”

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A University of Nevada, Las Vegas study published last month in The Journal of Physical Therapy Science  found that gender and posture are among the most significant risk factors in developing “iPad neck.”

As technologically use rises, we’ve seen an increase in what is referred to as “text neck” or “tech neck.” Neck strain that is caused by prolonged periods of time spent sitting at your desk hunched over a computer, tablet or cell phone. Symptoms include: stiffness, soreness, or aching pain in the neck, upper back/shoulder, arms/hands, or head. This most recent study focused on 412 UNLV students, staff, faculty, and alumni tablet users and showed:

  • The prevalence of symptoms was higher with younger adults versus older adults
  • Women were over 2 times more likely to experience symptoms than men
  • Subjects with a history of neck and shoulder pain reported an increase in symptoms during iPad use

Tips For Prevention

Make note of your posture – flexing the neck for a long period of time can put too much pressure on your spine

Sit upright in a chair with good support – avoid laying on your side or slumping forward

Use a tablet stand – keep your iPad upright versus laying it on a flat surface

Strengthen your muscles – include exercises in your workout routine that focus on strengthening your neck and shoulders

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