Dr. Sharma On NBC: The Pressure On Kids To Play Through Injury

Listen to our own Dr. Krishn Sharma share expert advice on NBC New York about kids’ sports injuries, pressures to play, and the best way young athletes can avoid future harm.

Surrounded by a culture built on “giving their best” and being highly competitive, many student athletes play through their injuries and are reluctant to let coaches and their parents know, or seek treatment. This can have long term consequences, according to Dr. Sharma, who advises kids not to “tough it out” and instead, get help. The sooner players address their injuries and seek treatment, the stronger the outcome for getting back to the game–and playing competitively over the long term, he says.

In addition, Dr. Sharma believes the trend of kids playing only one sport all year long is detrimental because kids need to cross train developing bodies to help protect against injuries. Involvement in multiple sports is one of the best ways to avoid more harm. Watch the full segment on NBC here.

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