Keep Moving This Winter For A Healthy Back

Don’t let the cold winter weather prevent you from exercising. While chilly temperatures and dark days are an easy excuse to break from physical activity or your regular workout, staying active all year long is an essential part of keeping your spine strong and healthy—and contributes to overall health.

Here are 4 ways to keep moving and maintain back health no matter what the weather:

1. Create a home gym: This can be as simple as buying some hand weights or an exercise ball, and a yoga mat. Use online sites such as YouTube, or fitness apps to find and follow workout routines you like.

2. Use the stairs: Climbing the stairs is an excellent way to burn fat and get your heart rate up. Bypass the elevator this season and take the stairs at work, in commercial buildings, and at public places whenever possible.

3. Play an indoor sport: Basketball, tennis, rock-climbing—there are plenty of options for solo and team activities in every community. Take advantage of the opportunity and challenge yourself by trying something new.

4. Walk or Dance: If you don’t have access to a treadmill, walk the mall. Or blast some of your favorite tunes and have some fun dancing. If you play about 6 songs, you’ll have put in a 15-20 minute workout.

For additional tips on how to stay active during the winter season, click here.

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