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What is scoliosis?

In short, it is an abnormal side-to-side curve in your spine. A normal spine sits vertical, but a spine with scoliosis has an S-like curve in it.

Is scoliosis harmful if not treated?

In severe cases, yes. It can affect your lung and heart function, and mobility.

Does all scoliosis require surgery?

No. Only some of our patients require surgery to correct their scoliosis. Many of our patients can be treated with a brace, physical therapy, or other options.

Can I play sports and be active after scoliosis surgery?

Yes, in most cases. Motion-sparing, state-of the art surgeries can help you live an active life.

Can my family doctor treat my scoliosis?

In most cases, no. Scoliosis is a complex spinal deformity that requires expert care. Not even all orthopedic surgeons are qualified to work with complex spinal problems like scoliosis.

How do you speak to children about an impending surgery?

It's extremely important to let children know that they'll be OK. We find it best to spend a lot of time with our patients to answer every question they have. It's not uncommon for us to meet with patients several times prior to surgery to address their questions thoroughly. If you have a medical question, our doctors, not an office assistant, will respond to you.

How many procedures does your practice perform each year?

We perform more than 250 surgical procedures annually.