surgical techniques

Our promise to you is to offer more. That's especially prevalent in our performance. Our surgical team practices the most advanced surgical techniques available today and, whenever possible, utilizes minimally invasive spine surgery to speed recovery, lower risk, reduce pain, and prevent damage to healthy tissue. We conduct a thorough examination and supervise extensive testing for each of our patients to determine which, if any, of these procedures would be beneficial for them.

Lumbar Disc Replacement

An artificial disc is a device inserted between two lumbar vertebrae after an intervertebral disc has been surgically removed in the process of decompressing the spinal cord or a nerve root.

The goal of lumbar artificial disc replacement is to reduce pain and improve mobility in patients with chronic lower (lumbar) back pain. The purpose of artificial disc replacement is to replace the worn out disc while also preserving the spine's motion. The result is reduced pain and no increased risk of problems developing at an adjacent level of the spine.